Monday, March 06, 2006

Miniblog: Impact noises

If you have been on the Internet for a while with an e-mail address then you'll know about the mailing lists – when a new product comes out, you can find out about it instantly because they send you a message about it. I got one of these just now, and it might answer a question for several people.

Radio station adverts, movie trailers, they all use these huge impact noises. If you've ever heard BBC Radio 1 or pretty much any commercial pop station the you'll likely know what I mean. The "proper" way to get these noises would be to make them yourself, but not everyone can in this day and age. So, to quote Ray Parker Jnr, "Who you gonna call?" The people that just sent me an e-mail.

Here is an MP3 preview of Stingers, and try not to think of the joke on one of the radio stations in Grand Theft Auto 3 where you have a similar commercial with the voice-over saying something like "The best music... the best presenters... a better variety of weird noises between songs..."


Linda Gillespie said...

No, sorry, can't figure this one out at all. Is from something off off Yellow Brick Road?

Matthew Cochrane said...

That one wasn't a misheard lyric, I was just trying to (a) draw attention to the fact that it was a "miniblog" not a proper post because I'd already posted today. There'll be more tomorrow probably.