Friday, March 10, 2006


The last Elton John misheard lyric of the week. Only this one isn't so much misheard, more willfully obscure. That means that at least 3 people will know it. Next week I'll have to think of something else.

More re-tuning today. My big news is that I learned it’s best when correcting vocal recordings to make sure you are moving things to the correct notes, or when they layer up it sounds a bit jazz, or modal, or modal jazz, or just plain bad.

Anyone else fed up with adverts for “The Hills Have Eyes” all over the internet? I keep referring to it as “The Hills Are Alive” by mistake; that would be a different movie. Actually my biggest advertising pet-hate are mostly around the Yahoo end of things: they play trailers at you from banner adverts… I don’t need that. Especially for when it’s for “Big Momma’s House 2.”

After getting a pretty good review (spread evenly across the writing, acting and production – obviously I was only involved in one of those) for “The Best Snow For Skiing” in the local paper, I’ve been inspired to go through the recording of it in search of an example to go on the little demo CD I’m putting together of short examples of sound design work. I just annoyed that the “Lord Of The Rings” stuff from university doesn’t really work that well in sound only. I might try removing the music from it and see if that helps, but it means I’ll need to somehow find a copy of Cubase which will open our original files. We’d been given an excerpt from “The Fellowship Of The Ring” with the audio removed and given the task of re-creating the soundtrack completely by ourselves (so no using sample CDs or downloading noises). We all worked on our own bits and bobs, then brought it all together at the university which was running Cubase SX on Windows Pcs at that point (and probably still is) so the files with everything from that project won’t open on anything I have now.

Today we learned that if you are going to make a short stop-motion animation depicting the surreal comic adventures of a (basically two dimensional) dog, then you would want Eddie Izzard to voice the aliens which inspired the statues on Easter Island. That episode of “Rex The Runt” is available here:

Have a good weekend everyone.


Linda Gillespie said...

Having seen Eltie live many many moons ago, I could consider it to be part of the throat wrenching version of Benny and the Jets as it moved into the realms of 'Oh for goodness sake's, get on with it' with the Elton/audience call and response middle eight which extended to 64.........
But I could be wrong!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Linda, you may have beaten me this time, but the correct title is 'Ho HO HO Who'd be a Turkey at Christmas' , a little known and obscure track