Sunday, March 19, 2006

Where an old man in barrel goes around and around

I actually partially wrote this the day after my last post, but I wanted to mess with it a little and didn't end up doing that until... just now. So here goes:

Well I’ve noticed a definite trend with more people inclined to look at the blog when I post stuff on it. Who’d have thought it, eh? Over on his blog, David Bishop has experimented with putting up a post called “Free Sex Here” to see whether there is a jump in the readership for that post from search engines and the like. I think the safe money says that there will be. Maybe I’ll get more too because I just used the magic 3 words too.

Lots of thoughts about what to do next -– I don't know that I've explicitly said so here, but Dream On is next week (Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night; tickets on sale at Brydens in Biggar but selling out fast). Long rehearsals tomorrow, last preparations at the theatre on Monday, last frantic recording on Tuesday, then show after show until Mother’s Day when we obligingly lose an hour in bed.

Anyway, with Dream On imminently out the way, I need to get that career thing happening. A CD is ready to go to a few production companies once I finish writing the cover letter. I hate writing letters asking for jobs and expressing one’s own suitability and general greatness. It is, however, a necessary evil and one that is going to come up a lot if I’m to follow the freelance route. Well, that and taking people out for drinks a lot.

In the meantime, Dream On CDs to do (ideally ready before the night when we show the video of the show to the cast as getting them in one room later could be tough), then an Imogen Heap concert on the 2nd of April. And then… Japan? I’m not sure yet, but if I’m going to go then it needs to be soon: I don’t want to commit to work and then have to stop it to travel. The worst thing I could start my career doing is by saying “no” to anything (within the bounds of the law and my own sexual preferences).

Vaguely following on from that, the latest list of what some (no doubt, disappointed) people had been searching for when they found this blog:
"Peter Pan Bullet Bra"
"schoolgirl eurovision 2006"
"roald dahl audio files"
"dream matt mouse cream"
"cup of coffee tastes like washing up"
"Audio Typist Jobs in Birmingham"

I can only dream about what the "Free Sex" phrase will turn up in the next year or so.

And on that note, I depart to take the phrase “Dream On” rather more literally that it’s been used here much lately.


Anonymous said...

That's "The Riddle" by Nick Kershaw (he probably spells Nick in a trendy 80s way, possibly Nic. I could be wrong, though. I remember I was wrong once in 1994...).

Anonymous said...

Actually you are correct - it is a trendy spelling - but it's Nik!!