Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Go on, go on; feed me breakfast

We moved out of the student flat in Leeds on the 2nd of July. I remember that because it was the day of the Live8 concerts and the last night of the near-legendary "Hood" at Biggar Theatre Workshop ("Who made these swords?"). It was one of the hottest days of the year and I had to throw lots of things out because there wasn't room in the car for them. We listened to the concert on the radio on the way home... anyway, the point was that this was July of last year.

Today I received my deposit back. Thank you, Letters of Leeds. Actually they were a pretty good letting agency in a city with lots of not so great letting agencies, just a bit slow with the paperwork that doesn't involve money going in. If the weather during Wednesday is pleasant then I may walk to Carnwath to pay that in.

Am now wondering about whether to walk to Carnwath tomorrow to pay in my cheque (and more important pay my Dad money which I owe him) and then see how much there to put towards any new toys I might need for the sound design, arranging and recording work. Tempting my credit card are: Serato Pitch and Time (which make it really easy to change the speed and time of things after they have been recorded), the Sony Oxford Reverb, and either a stereo condenser microphone or a matched-pair of mono condenser microphones. Oh, and I'm shopping for a new PA system for the theatre as well: one that doesn't hum. I'm re-discovering why I don't like shopping for speakers when you have to match an amplifier to a speaker.

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Anonymous said...

Way-Hay! You got the deposit! About time.

'Breathless' by The Corrs.