Sunday, April 02, 2006

I bet you think this sauna's a bathroom, don't you, don't you, don't you.

The last week has been quite different – mostly because my Dad has been at home, and I was only at the theatre three times (and once for less than 15 minutes). The Dream On CD is coming together nicely, just a couple of bits to redo and some additional work just tightening up the timing on some of the phrasing – more to make it match when there are several people singing the same thing than messing with it for the sake of making it perfect. I have 32 orders for the CD which is pretty good going considering not all the cast attended the video showing of the show last Wednedsay. As noted on other blogs, it was slightly odd: the performers in the audience watching a projected video on to the same stage which was used in the recording. They even did the dance moves to some of the songs, it must have been what those Sing A-Long Sound Of Music and Rocky Horror Show events are like. Sort of.

There was a brief recording of Sweet Charity read-through on Thursday night, to put a CD together to act as a dialogue learning aid. It was brief because it was only with 3 people for now and was only about 20 minutes of material. Luckily for me, the editing afterwards was pretty easy and I had a CD ready for the next day. Of course, that means they should be word perfect by now… well, maybe not.

Some positive response on things I’d sent to try to get sound design jobs, which was good. Next I have an audition piece to do, but only after I receive a CD from the company of dialogue to work with: I rework it and send it back. I got a heavy hint that they are needing people who can do Pro Tools editing just now, so that could be worthwhile. I owe a lot to friends and ex-colleagues who allowed me to name-drop on that one.

Once the Dream On CD is ready a copy will be winging it's way to the production company who sell it, and it will be interesting to hear any feedback they have; particularly if the writer hears what we did to his songs.

I’m off to see Imogen Heap in Glasgow tomorrow night and very much looking forward to that. Possibly a little wander around bookshops whilst I’m there – maybe even a risky trip into Fopp. If I can, I might even try to find wagamamas – that’ll be some excitement.


Pam said...

Sounds like Pussy Cat Dolls to me..

Anonymous said...

Its Carly Simon - You're So Vain

Pam said...

Doh! Hows your shoulder?

Linda Gillespie said...

Allegedyl a song about Warren Beatty.......