Monday, April 10, 2006

My friends all ride horses, I must make amends

How to confuse yourself: write a long and complicated blog entry, then completely fail to remember to upload it the next day. The blog post related the tale of the journey made by my father and I to destroy the one ring in the fiery pits of Mount Doom ... I meant to say: get a sick note from the doctor and take it to his office, and it did involve a long journey. There was other stuff as well, a concert last weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed (Imogen Heap, if you are interested).

Anyway, reading over that long blog post I decided not to bother. That all happened last week and as I write it's early Monday morning. The blog is getting a slightly disturbing amount of traffic considering I've not been writing as much lately whilst I was mixing the "Dream On" cast CD. I don't know what everyone is looking at or how they got here (actually, I do, but only you know your reasons) but I hope you are enjoying this. I always said this blog was mostly for people who actually knew me because I don't think anyone else would particularly care. Recent fun search terms have included someone who was looking up the phone number for Transco (see the blog archive from early January 2005 to guess at why that might have found me) and someone else looking for a sound effect of twigs breaking at night. The "at night" bit worries me, do twigs sound intrinsically different at night? I must do some experiments in my copious amounts of spare time. Oh, and someone else turned up searching for the Shania Twain and wooden leg thing; I'm guessing that if I keep mentioning it then traffic on this weird search term can only increase. Alas, no one found me when I tried using the words "free sex" as an experiment – maybe it needs to be a heading to work.

The first version of the Dream On cast CD has gone for approval to a few people, so I'm waiting for comments from people who haven't been listening to it in some form every day since about September of last year. After the feedback, I'll either ignore the comments or make a couple of changes (this is so much easier on a computer-based system than in a "proper" recording studio). Once the CD is done, the first thing to do is to send a copy to Musicline who have asked to hear it...

This week is provisionally about getting things in order: my brother is going to be back home for a while after he finishes college and ideally I'd have most of my stuff out of the garage by then. It's time to throw out lots of paper. Or buy storage boxes and keep it under my bed. Hopefully during the week I'll have to suddenly stop that and start some music/audio project. There will be an update later in the week to show which one of these occurs.

Matthew's lesson of the day: don't buy double and single bedsheets in the same style for it can only lead to confusion. "But it's covering my bed, and it's spread across the floor... I don't get it!"
- me, about an hour ago.

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Anonymous said...

Right, I think this is a song called Mercedes Benz. I can't remember who did it, might be Janis Joplin.