Wednesday, May 03, 2006

'Cept a crazy girl with a see-through lover

I’ve been lax… I’d been trying to do at least a couple of posts per week but ended up slowing down, partly because I didn’t have much worth posting. This week has been all about Sweet Charity in one way or another.

With my Dad having to take things easy for while at the start of this April, we are only really getting to set/stage building just now. There’s been a lot to do, but it looks like we are going to get there. Sound effects are almost all done; I have some editing to do and I need to figure out exactly how the elevator noises are going to work in such a way that I can mess with the timings of it to match what the actors are doing, but that stuff should be easy.

Hopefully tomorrow the new speakers will arrive. I say hopefully because I’ll be spending the whole day sitting in the theatre waiting for UPS to turn up. I’ve been saving up little jobs that I can do then without access to the Internet to help fill the day, plus I’ve got some other jobs to do in Biggar. It’ll likely be good for me to have an internet-free day (at least until the evening).

Anyway, I need to put my computer away so it’s all ready to go tomorrow as well as the other things I’m taking over to the theatre for the work/entertainment during the day. Look out for Sweet Charity, Biggar Corn Exchange, 9th-13th May. Tickets are selling fast…

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Linda Gillespie said...

Angie Baby - Helen Reddy! I can't believe I'm first!!!!