Monday, May 15, 2006

Don't Pay The Ferryman. Don't even fix him rice.

Well the show is finally done. It’s a pity; I was just getting the hang of things by the final night. The sound effects went better than ever – only missing one cue (by a couple of beats, but it was enough) and never playing the wrong one at the wrong cue, which is always nice. A whole lot of work went into that show, one way or another, and I hope it showed. As it is, I have no idea who will end up writing the review of the show for the local paper (which will appear on the blog, hopefully). Listing the URL of the theatre workshop blog on the programme may bring a few additional people along to browse there and possibly leave comments.

It’s been warm here this last week and, as noted in the last blog entry, the theatre has some ability as a storage heater. Thus it was that I emerged from the after-show party wearing t-shirt and jeans, only to get to the car and see on the thermometer that it was 1∞C. Somewhat chilly, so it was.

Today was the tidy up day at the theatre, and good-heavens, someone did a whole lot of tidying. By the time we arrived (between 2 and 3pm) the theatre was clear. Costumes were away (although there was some worry as the Wardrobe Mistresses weren’t entirely sure where) and all the band equipment had been removed, which made tidying away my somewhat hurried cabling backstage (under the stage, over the stage, cabling free…).

Next theatre project is the George Bernard Shaw play Major Barbara which auditions later this week, and the Gala Concert (which, in 1996, was probably my earliest link with the theatre and… not really an experience which endeared me to them). There is also the Biggar Singers Spring Concert which I may be recording. In the past we had made several recording of the Biggar Singers, one of which was later released. The other recordings were shelved temporarily, and may yet emerge – if only for the performers to hear.

Lots more bleepy noises and treatments for the Big Finish stuff… and I need to get some music together too. The trick is, having spent time making lovely sounds I don’t want to mask it all with music. I’m trying to think in more soundtrack terms – less is more, etc. More on that story later.


Anonymous said...

Do I even have to bother with this title?


Matthew Cochrane said...

Just to clarify; I got my gala concerts mixed up. The one coming up is part of the Biggar Spring Fling which I've never performed at. I was thinking of the Gala concert that is been part of the Biggar Gala week.