Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mulligan's tyre

There was some fuss recently (you may have missed it) in the news-media it was discovered that some convicted criminals have been removing their electronic tags. Well… I’m surprised – were you surprised? They are criminals! Miscreants! Ne’er-do-wells! You left a piece of velcro holding a tag on their legs, and they were cunning enough to take it off. Shock. A. Roony.

This is after an 18-year old in Glasgow murdered a man with a machete whilst wearing a tag. Apparently the tag didn’t trigger any alarms when he left his house – which means that if it hadn’t been for the CCTV footage of him committing the crime then he wouldn’t have been able to convict him (“I wasn’t even there, the alarms would have gone off wouldn’t they?”). Maybe I’m getting confused with Battle Royale here, but shouldn’t some sort of alarm trigger when these tags malfunction? Maybe they could blow up too? Just a thought.

(Rant mode off.)

This week I have been mostly fiddling with some software called Reaktor, which I’d used at university but hadn’t owned until now. It’s changed a little since I last used it and there is a lot to get my head around but it looks like a really interesting package. It allows the user to build their own virtual instruments from a series of smaller parts – almost all in the synthesizer/sampler vein but with some very powerful processing possibilities. Mostly what I’ve been doing is fiddling with it; opening up patches that came with it or patches I downloaded from the internet to see how they work.

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Anonymous said...

Mulligan's Tyre is an old one. May the blessed Paul MacCartney forgive you for reminding us all of such a Bad recording as Mull of Kintyre!!!