Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My friend, the Communist, holds meetings in his Offy

Knackered, that is what I am. Sweet Charity is on-stage tomorrow night and an hour ago (as I write this) we were still tidying stuff away having finished a mammoth shift at the theatre. I actually worked out that my Dad and I clocked roughly 24 hours in Biggar Corn Exchange since last Friday night. The lights are up and pointed at the right places, the sets open and close, the doors open and close (just don’t be too vigorous with the handle), the elevator shrinks, and there is lovely black curtains over the walls.

Now it’s just the small detail of the show itself to get over with. Some shows don’t need much in the way of concentration from me, such as “An Inspector Calls” when there were 3 sound effects to play in 2 hours, but Sweet Charity is not one of those. The sound effects side of things isn’t too heavy (although striking the balance between the loud obvious sounds and the quieter ambiences has been tough) but staying on the levels of the band is almost like being part of a 3 hour concert set. The keyboard players have great variation in dynamics (by accident or design, I’m not sure – some dynamic range is great but we have instances where a sound will go from too quiet to too loud during a bar of a song) which means a lot of level shifting to try to keep things consistently lower than the level of the singers who aren’t using microphones. I’m considering patching a compressor across the keyboards to try to solve this but… well, the band seem nervous enough as it is and a compressor would bring out every mistake or missed note loud and clear.

Also challenging are the new speakers. They sound great, it’s good to be running the mixer in a sensible way, and it’s very good to not have the hum generated as the audio from the mixer passes the lighting power cables (I’m still trying to figure out why one of the keyboards is humming). The bad thing is… I was quite used to how things were and the effects of turning something up by a certain amount (for example) are different on the newer speakers and amplifiers.

It’s mostly because of Sweet Charity (and a few other projects) that I’ve blogged so little lately. The Dream On CD was posted to Musicline last week, so they should hopefully have it by now, and the material for an audition to another company arrived today so I have plenty to do. Hopefully when the fun stuff is happening and I’m a little less knackered in the evenings I shall have more time for amusing anecdotes and things.


Aleks said...

Erm #I'm gonna soak up the sun....# Sheryl Crow.....though I always sing.... I'm gonna smoke up the sign... and i think mine is better than yours!

Matthew Cochrane said...

I can't believe no one posted on "Should have known better than to feed a friend" yet.