Thursday, May 11, 2006

She’s a bandstand, she’s a harpy chord, she’s a clavinet

Second trip around Sweet Charity and things seem to be settling down a little. However, the theatre does seem to act as a storage heater - absorbing all the heat during the day (and we seem to have gone from winter to summer without much pause for spring) to keep us all too hot in the evening.

The frantic work to get as much of the set together as possible reminded me of a job I did a while ago. On Monday night I was up a ladder hanging black curtains, and remembered when I’d been working at a nearby hotel/bar/restaurant during the summer holidays. I’d started off doing bits and bobs of painting work and ended up assisting in the kitchens as the summer went on. One of the owners had been a fire fighter and was helping me put a ladder up to paint some window frames on the upper floors. I wasn’t great with heights and the owner had said that I wouldn’t have to worry if I was more than 30 feet up.
“Because unless you land on a trampoline you’ll be dead whatever happens.”

That cheered me up no end.

Sorry to all the people I’ve been meaning to e-mail back for a little while – I’ve spent days mostly doing this audition stuff and making all manner of odd noises in the process (in the computer, not me personally). On the plus side, if you read this then you probably already know most of what I’m likely to put in an e-mail. More from me later in the week, likely.

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