Saturday, May 27, 2006

Slow motion Walter; the fire engine guy

In Tampa, Florida (that's in America, you know), a 12-year old decided to compare the quality of water samples from fast-food outlet ice cubes, and fast-food outlet toilets. She was very scientific about it - wearing sterile gloves whilst taking the samples from five fast-food "restaurants," and comparing the bacteria content at the Moffitt Cancer Centre where she does volunteer work.

Jasmine Roberts found that in 70% of cases there was more bacteria in the ice cubes than the toilet water. This is likely to be because the fast-food restaurants aren't cleaning their ice cube machines out properly (or at all). I, for one, am not going to be absent-mindedly sucking on ice cubes from fast-food places again. Pleasingly, the young lady won first prize in a regional science competition for her project - a cash prize of $800.

Completely unrelated, here are some more search terms which led some misguided people here:
Cliff Richard's Myspace profile (good luck),
someone from Fidelity Investments (USA) searching for "Largest Thumb,"
someone wanting audio of a pantomime audience saying "Oh no you're not,"
and someone looking for pictures of fingers.

Thank you all, I hope you found what you were after eventually.

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*sings happily and loudly*
"Smoke on the water, fire in the sky."