Thursday, June 29, 2006

Phoneless, phoneless, Moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake

It has been quite a busy week and frankly I’m a bit relieved to get time enough to sit at the computer and just write something. As intimated in the last blog entry, Monday until Wednesday was spent in Leeds where I spent most of the time catching up with people and looking at some of the shops. Eating and walking about to work it off (to some extent) was good. It was also great to see everyone and catch up, remembering that once upon a time I had a social life that didn’t rely upon MSN, Skype or Myspace. I picked up Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Volume 2 at home… it’s the perfect representation in musical form of what it’s like to wake up at that weird time of day when it’s still unsociably early and yet light enough to see by. I particularly like track 3 of the first CD (which someone seems to have named “Rhubarb” – there are no track names on the CD packaging).

Thursday was my long-awaited CBT, which is the first step on the motorbike driving licence ladder. The CBT is necessary because if you sit a test in a car then your instructor can physically take control if you mess up either with the extra set of pedals or by just grabbing the wheel, on a motorbike that isn’t possible and so they need to check that you wouldn’t do anything amazingly stupid before you start training and practising for your test. Plus if you happen to be 16 it means you can ride a bike around before you are 17 when you can sit your full test. There’s all kinds of stuff attached to the CBT about the maximum size of engine you can drive between passing the CBT and passing the full motorbike licence, and places you can drive (in short: not on motorways, which is a good thing as the lower-powered bikes simply wouldn’t go fast enough to be altogether safe on a motorway). Also the moped only lasts for two years (which is why I’m sitting mine for the second time – it’s actually very hard to fail a CBT). The long and the short of it is that having passed it, I can ride my moped again legally. Well, almost; it needs to have an MOT, have a new tax disc fitted and the insurance renewed but 2 out of those 3 are quite easy. The MOT happens tomorrow/ later today and hopefully I can arrange things so that I could drive the bike back. We’ll see.

The title I picked for this blog was first used in an e-mail I sent to Aleks, and came about because I seem to have misplaced my mobile phone. The phone and the sim card are all cancelled now and locked until I call t-mobile with a special password. After looking in various places for almost a week, I’m about ready to admit defeat and pay my £10 for a new sim card then pick out a new handset. Luckily the handset, at least, will be free because I’m on a contract with t-mobile and have been for some time.

Yesterday was mostly spent editing recordings of a script read through for the next theatre project “Major Barbara.” The idea had been to get CDs of the read through to the cast before the summer holidays began to help them learn lines, only most of the cast seem to either be on holiday or about to go. We’d had some parts read by stand-ins (who coped very well considering) on Monday night for the recording, but it already looks as if I’ll need to re-record and re-edit most of Monday night’s work so that I can splice in the correct performers as they become available. Nothing is every straightforward it seems…

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