Friday, June 16, 2006

The way she looked, the way she'd accent the colour of her hair

Earlier this week I was finally able to mentally draw a line under the “Dream On” project. Things have slowly been amassing here; first the 35 CDs (just the discs) then 50 CD cases arrived, and finally on Monday I had the inlay and tray cards printed to go in the CD cases. A quick seal with an OPP wrapping sleeve, and it looks like a rather professional product. The hard part has been nailing down a time to get it to the performers who are currently very busy with exams, the last 2 weeks of term, and the school show (“Oliver!” which is a rant in itself, and one that can wait for another day because I don’t want to start spreading negative publicity before they’ve even started their run). Hopefully we’ll figure that part out before they all go on holiday and I end up with 30 CDs lying around until September.

The BBC Talent stuff is now about 2/3rds complete in terms of stuff crossed off my list. The thing is that one of the remaining items is “music” which could take a while to gestate before I get something suitable. The piece involves the Olympics and running, so the first impulse is to get a pulsing arpeggio of a synth bass and Vangelis-esque CS80 brass sounds. That would likely be a bad move. The lack of background to the setting of drama so what I may end up doing is something more textural than tuneful. I read an interesting article which stated that most people can only take in three sounds at any given time – given that there is narration, the sound of running and music, there is a good case for keeping the music side of things as simple as possible.

The moped thing is finally happening, about a year after I vaguely thought it might be nice to have it back on the road. I think my parents were inspired to put this idea forward (to the point of actually phoning up and basically booking the MOT one morning) with a view to getting my moped out the garage to make space for other stuff. I also have to re-sit the CBT so I’m in the process of booking that, renewing my insurance and getting the forms I’ll need to re-tax the bike once the MOT is done (I need the MOT before I can get the bike taxed). This is looking to be an expensive month, and that’s before I decided to go to Leeds next week to see everyone before the parting of the ways (most of the ways parted some time ago, but it looks like very few people I went to university with will still be in Leeds in two months time).

After that there is going to be the recording of dialogue from Major Barbara at Biggar Theatre Workshop. This is something we started doing last year for An Inspector Calls; we record tougher sections of dialogue (or in some cases the whole thing) and then the cast can use the cds/tapes of this recording as a learning aid over the summer. Thoughtfully the producer has allowed us two sessions for the three acts as hilarity can often ensue at such reading, I just hope two sessions will be enough…

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