Friday, July 07, 2006

What's love but a second hand emulsion?

First thing, I need to try to get up to more than one blog entry a week again… if nothing else it might encourage me to do something blog-worthy in my day.

I had to sort out the phone thing – because once in a while people do try to contact me on the thing. I had been hoping that if I just waited then it would turn up somewhere, because I hate replacing anything when the old thing is still working. In the case of the phone it’s probably still working… wherever it is. Last weekend I ordered my new sim card and handset (nothing too fancy, just the current version of what I had before – but it has a pretty good camera). Luckily for me I kept my old number which not only saves a lot of hassle getting my contacts to update my details, but I rather like my number (which seems to play the opening notes to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star towards the end).

I’ve loaded my preferred homemade ringtones and backgrounds on to the phone, and kept my old phonebook thanks to the miracles of iSync and Bluetooth (Bluetooth was named after a 10th century king of Denmark… it’s true, look it up).

Other jobs this week have included collecting the moped from Uphall on the outskirts of Edinburgh/ Livingston. I was going to try to work in an Uphall/ appal joke but I think that all the people who read this are likely to be quite able to make up their own. A quick trip to the post office later for a new tax disc, and I was good to go. Since I’ve had the moped back, I’ve been the one popping out for milk top-ups. It’s nice to be back in the saddle and mean it literally.

Last week I’d renewed my insurance, and a friend on myspace pointed out a video on the youtube (not a name for Glaswegians to take seriously) which deals with some of the issues involved in autoinsurance
(Warning: this link is not family safe, no nudity but it contains what the DVD boxes describe as “Some, references”).

I finally got around to watching my copy of City Of God (or, to give it it’s correct title Cidade de Deus); what a good film. I think the last film I watched all the way through was Tomb Raider 2 and, to be frank, that’s two hours I’ll never get back again. It is as if the writers of TR2 decided to create a film by writing a list of stunts then somehow joining the dots between them, and the plot therefore resembles an old net. City Of God by comparison… well, it’s night and day, and I recommend it to you all if you have not already seen it.

Also I placed pre-orders for Dark Season and Century Falls on DVD. These were programmes I remember watching on Children’s BBC in my youth, and they have been re-released by virtue of their having Russell T. Davies as the writer (also a young Kate Winslet was in Dark Season). That’ll be a guilty pleasure for the end of the month…

For now, I have forms to fill in, and some plans to go to Glasgow for a look around the shops tomorrow. Oh, and I have to listen to the new Weird Al Yankovich song “You’re Pitiful” again.

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