Thursday, August 17, 2006

He's got this dream about Bonsai land

No blogs lately because I've been busy working. In fact coming into a large dialogue edit straight from inserting missing actors into our recording of the "Major Barbara" script read-through, I was rather fed up of editing talking by the time it was done. You know it's bad if you start to have Pro Tools dreams.

So what am I working on? Well I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say; it's an audio drama production for Big Finish, I'm doing the sound design (and probably music) as well as the editing, it's due out this autumn, and it should probably be rated at least a PG13 for thematic content. Needless to say I'll be plugging it judiciously when it's released.

It's not a full-on space adventure, which is some ways is a shame: with the Reaktor software that I've been using recently, creating space battles and things would be very easy. It's less easy to create something like a group of students leaving a class after a lecture, or the sounds of two people eating oysters without actually recording things. Or using sound effects libraries.

The Big Finish project has been taking up most of my time, but also grinding back into gear is stuff at the theatre. Already well back into swing is Major Barbara as mentioned earlier, starting next week is the Junior Workshop which is now separated from the Youth Workshop again (they had combined for the "Dream On" production - see various earlier blog posts), and the Youth Workshop return in September.

So... that's why there hasn't been much on the blog lately. I apologise, and I'll have more on here later.

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