Sunday, August 20, 2006

Street's like a jungle, so call up Bernice

I may find myself posting on here a little more often, I'm still quite busy with sound design work but with parents and brother off on holiday I haven't really got anyone to talk to during the day. So you can probably expect various "and another thing..." type posts.

In fact, here's one. The TV advertising for says that if you don't meet someone "special" (I'm guessing that we are talking romantically special rather than special schools here) then they'll give you 6 more months use of their site for free. Let's re-cast that advert with washing-up liquid and see if it still makes sense: if this washing up liquid fails to clean your dirty dishes, we'll give you another 6 bottles of it. Maybe I'm just not seeing the bargain here, but if it's not working then I wouldn't want more of it.

Whilst work continues apace, some people are still finding this blog by some strange means. Someone from Athens in Greece using an American version of Windows XP who was looking for "toilet-water lady advert," and a chancer from Wakefield in Yorkshire who was searching for "no electricity bill," and I can only apologise to whoever came looking for "chocolate bees." I also found that I'd made a spelling mistake ("quizes" instead of "quizzes"), oops.

Now, how would someone sound walking around a college campus wearing a pressure suit?

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Anonymous said...

Right, so it's Blur. I think it's Girls & Boys.