Saturday, September 09, 2006

The odds against it reaching earth are nineteen-ninety one.

Well, you'll have probably gathered I was too busy working to do much in terms of blogging. In fact, I'm only blogging now because I'm waiting for a backup DVD to burn.

It looks like this is going to be about as "between projects" as it's going to get for while - the next project is already hole-punched and in my folder ready to go, and there's a third one on the way. Still, I'd be complaining if I didn't have anything to do, and that's certainly not the case.

Yesterday and today I have been experiencing the joy of trailers, that is making them. Yes, all that time I spent looking at film trailers on the Apple web-site can now be called research. I have notes and extra bits on the way to my letterbox by postal means, so I have some time to try to get these trailers right. The hard part seems to be that under normal circumstances the trailer would be made before the actual addition of sound effects, full dialogue edit, etc., so I was able to put some stuff in the trailer for Project01 (I'm still not using the name until I'm all confirmed as being the version that will be released) that wouldn't normally be there. It's nice not to have to make decisions about which bits to take for the trailer - that's someone else's job, at least for now. The trailer for Project02 was the work for today, but took longer because I had to find the dialogue in amongst the original sessions, and then compress and/or EQ it to perfection (or at least as close as I can get right now).

Once the trailers are done, I'm starting properly on Project02 until the remaining bits of Project01 arrive. Project03 is due later this month and is complicated because I'm doing the dialogue edit and the sound effects, then posting it to someone else who will add music and post it back to me for mastering. The deadlines for Project02 and Project03 are around the same time, but this is the beginning of November so I should have enough time to complete almost all of Project02 this month and get Project03 mostly out of the way during October.

Interesting aside, a part of the moped had become slightly lose and so we opened part of it to get at the screws to tighten things up again. Whilst putting bits back, I dropped a screw down inside the body of the moped - so I went looking for it. Well, I found a screw but it was quite a lot longer than the one I dropped down there. This leads me to two conclusions: (a) my moped can somehow increase the size of screws, or (b) someone else dropped a screw down there during maintenance work and it didn't make any difference to the running of the machine. I think the latter is more likely, but I like the idea of the former.

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