Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cheap seats, trashy seats

Here is where I always go wrong with my visits to London: I take too much stuff.
It was cold when I left home and I was glad of the coat as a I carried my overnight bag and laptop bag on to the train. London itself was a bit warmer though, and I always forget that most of my time in London is going to be spent indoors. On this occasion much of the non-indoor time was spent carrying two bags and a coat around, so I wasn't exactly feeling at my freshest and best for a lot of the time. So, for any future trips to London I have to either take less stuff or stay for the kind of time that would mean I could leave most of my stuff somewhere for a while (not just over night as was the case when I'd sleep on Malek's floor, or on this occasion when I stayed in a student-y hotel that was centrally located but badly in need of renovation). The train journeys were also problematic, both of them running late, which caused me to arrive in London at about 5pm which I had been trying to avoid.

That said, it was great to meet the people I've been working with/for and put voices and faces to the e-mail addresses. Also just talking cleared a lot up for me about working methods and things, not to mention some hints about future plot lines.

Now I have a pile of CDs of dramas to get through (reference and catching up on plots), a smaller pile of books to get through, and the script and audio for Project3. Time to finish Project1 (Summer Of Love) as soon as possible, do the dialogue work for Project3 (Project2 - The Empire State is already on to sound effects) and all of October should be spent with just Projects 2 and 3 to worry about. Hopefully later on I'll even mention what Project3 is: when I was in London I saw the covers for it, and my name is on them, so it'll hopefully be soon.

The worst thing about working on a continuous piece (like an audio drama where the scenes join up, or a live concert) is that to make the master audio file of it from Pro Tools means playing the whole thing in real time. I'm currently doing this for the third time today after finding some major level discrepancies between scenes the first time round, and then some sound effects had gone missing. Each re-do takes just under an hour, and that's why I'm writing this blog just now. So there.

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