Monday, October 30, 2006

Hug a Raj band from Seattle

Another busy last week completing reference copies of "Empire State" and "Return Of The Daleks", then there was about one quiet day ("hello YouTube... hello Lego Star Wars... oooh, I have 189 spam e-mail messages").

I have it on reasonable authority that some people who pre-ordered "Summer Of Love" have it now. I don't have it yet (not the full version with the cover and things), but I also don't mind about not hearing it for a little while. Meanwhile I have other fish to fry, the next notes from directors have started coming in so I now have some alterations to do and some new effects to come up with.

Also arrived as of today, the DVDs of the Eccleston series of Doctor Who (which the BBC are calling the first series, although it blatantly isn't because the programme has been running since 1963). Reasons for this purchase were twofold: some people like to refer to sounds, etc., by comparison to tv episodes of Doctor Who so it's good to have a few of the more recent episodes to refer to in case I can't remember exactly what something sounded like; and I missed some of the episodes in the middle, which were apparently rather good and explain who the heck this Captain Jack bloke is. Also it's quite good. When this current glut of work is done I hope to spend time going through the extras. Also I meant to have some time out of the country back in Spring which still hasn't happened.

I once more commend Tube Gossip to all and sundry. Recent favourites include:
"You can sit on my lap but behave yourself and stop waving your arms at me."
"I don't think you can class Greggs as a patisserie."
"Why do you have a hairdryer? You don't even have hair."
"Friendly bacteria can f*** right off."
"Look, let's get really drunk and we'll discuss it then."

And Indexed is good too.

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