Thursday, October 05, 2006

No ducks are handsome in the classroom

I thought I’d managed to come back from a trip to London without bringing back anything non-work related, but it seems I picked up a cold somewhere – probably the train, but you never know. So this working week has been a real laugh; one dialogue edit completed and I’m about a quarter of the way into sound effects for Empire State. Meanwhile…

There are two schools in the village of Carnwath, the older having been sold off some years ago. When I was younger (and attending the newer of the schools) the old school was just disused kind of place where lorries would occasionally park. Recently the old school has fallen into visible disrepair which has caused the locals to be slightly less than gruntled; the school is the first thing anyone arriving in Carnwath will see on the road from Edinburgh. Most of the middle of Carnwath (and there isn’t a lot else) is a conservation area, and people do seem to get irked when they aren’t allowed new window-frames but the place next door has a pile of building detritus near the pavement.

Letters were sent to the owners by South Lanarkshire Council, the local councillor, the MSP and the MP. There was a lot about the issue in the local newspaper. Eventually it was reluctantly announced that renovation work was going to commence, but the day afterwards (presumably after the first builders’ estimates arrived) the school mysteriously caught fire. You know, apparently some people think the fire might have been intentional.

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