Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Real Gaunt Kid

I wrote this yesterday but blogger wasn't playing nicely, and I was feeling impatient, so I saved it.

The iPod is five years old today, which is old enough to start primary school. It's true that it can do more now than it could when it was first "born" but what kind of child is significantly smaller now than it was when it first arrived?

Very busy weekend. Friday (as mentioned before) was David's graduation and related shenanigans (mostly in-car between Perth and Lanarkshire). I saw the rather excellent 4x4 opener to the Biggar Little Festival at the Corn Exchange performed by the Tweed Theatre, then on Saturday was Best Snow For Skiing. We had last performed this in April at the Biggar Museums' AGM. It was as good if not better this time in some ways, but was lacking because of my inability to pack the CD with all the background atmosphere sounds on it. By the time that was realised, there was nothing I could do to solve the problem - although I was using the computer for the dog and sheep sounds I didn't have the background effects available. So a slight disappointment there. Saturday evening was the official celebratory meal for David's graduation at a restaurant in Hamilton where it took us roughly an hour to be seated (even thought we'd booked in advance).

Time since then has mostly been spent catching up with work. It feels like I left all the more difficult bits to the end

Oh, I can reveal what project03 is now – a Big Finish subscription special called "Return Of The Daleks." From what I understand this is only available for people who subscribe to Big Finish's Doctor Who monthly series – you pay a certain amount and get every drama released for six months, twelve months or whatever, and a special drama that's only available to subscribers. So it's completely true when I say that this special edition audio drama will not be available in the shops.

I've just finished one of the more complex scenes and am feeling quite pleased with myself (despite the total runtime of said scene being about 1 minute). That's the way it often seems to go with these things, I remember feeling much the same way about some of the songs in "Dream On."

And now I have more discs to post for approval (and notes of changes to make, which is fine - I'm all for realising the director's vision)...

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