Sunday, October 08, 2006

She keeps a mower and shotgun in a pretty cabinet

It's going to be a long day with tech and dress rehearsals at the theatre. The only thing is that the sound in this play (Major Barbara - on next week, tickets on sale now) doesn't have that many sound effects in it. Am currently trying to figure out how viable it would be to bring Daleks (that's a big hint about what Project03 is) and Empire State with me to work on with headphones.

My brother has kindly volunteered to do sound on a couple of evenings, so that would be nice, but at the moment I'm not even sure about going to the aftershow party next Saturday - simply because that I haven't had a lot to do with the show since recording the read-throughs as a line-learning aid and stripping wallpaper from part of the set. That said, I have a credit on the program for sound, although I suspect some of the audience would probably not remember any sound in the show afterwards.

In other news, my old boss (that is, he used to be my boss, not that he is old and my boss) has been having a remix competition on his website. I downloaded the elements for "Shock The Monkey" but I'm probably not eligible to be able to enter seeing as I have worked for the company. Anyway, the winner was announced and it really is very good. I suspect this person has raided a lot of recent Peter Gabriel tracks for samples (particularly Darkness and Signal To Noise) but they've used them to good effect.