Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When it hasn't been your day, well we'll come home and live in your ear

I was looking at site meter statistics today and am slightly perturbed. Regular readers will have seen in my copious links that I've done/am-doing some post-production work for the audio drama company Big Finish. Some people have been looking me up online having seen my name there. Quite possibly they are wondering who the hell I am. The effect of this is that if you search for my name on Google now, Big Finish does actually appear in the list.

The only problem is: I'm not the only Matthew Cochrane in the world, not by a long shot. So, for the benefit of those people who know of me only from Google and Yahoo searches:

I didn't write "A Biblical Defense of PaedoBaptism";
I've never had a ranch although I would like to go to the town in Alberta which is named after Senator Matthew Cochrane and see the statue;
I don't play football, sprint or do orienteering;
I don't know what BLADES is;
I don't like to watch Super Nanny and I don't live in Huntingdon Pennsylvania, similarly (because this is myspace too) I don't know "Jessi V";
I'm not Media and Public Relations Officer for the Red Cross/ Crescent tsunami operation, although I was tempted to phone him up when I saw his number;
I don't know where Edge Hill University is, and I don't teach science there;
I'm not a member of the city of London police force and have never been given an award by them;
I'm not a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.
I am not a number, I am a free... oh, wait, hang on that's not supposed to be there.

The stuff on ArtistDirect is me, anything on a Mike Oldfield-related site is me and the people who list the full credits of "Play - The Videos," "Growing Up Live," "Still Growing Up Live and Unwrapped" and "Moksha" are talking about me too. ArtistDirect credit someone called Michael Cochrane for assisting on "Nebulous Nearness" by The Incredible String Band but really that was all Ben Cannings (although I helped and was credited on the CD along with Ben – mostly, I think, because I loaned their manager a power supply for his laptop computer).* Same goes for stuff about Firewire audio interfaces, Reason or Logic (despite how this looks, those last two are music production applications). I wish my old university would take away that photo of me standing outside the library.

I hope that clears things up...

(* Ben is currently playing in a band called Greenwich Resident, their first EP is released at the end of this month so go have a listen at )

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rI'll be there for you. - The Rembrandts?