Friday, October 20, 2006

You know, the preacher likes to bowl

Still busy here, although today was spent in Perth at my brother's graduation (with Fred MacAulay as guest of honour). Tomorrow it's "The Best Snow For Skiing" performance at Biggar Corn Exchange which I'm kind of looking forward to. For someone who's spent over 2 months pushing buttons and clicking my way through sound design for audio drama it'll be refreshing to just go in and perform all the sound effects live (mostly - we couldn't get a dog or a sheep to perform) as the actors read their lines with an audience there.

Did I mention that Summer Of Love is available very soon (see links at the side)?

Just time to report, then, that YouTube gave me another reason to like it today: a completely family-safe (no rude bits) video that shows all the changes that go on between a model walking into a studio for a photoshoot, to the finished image on a billboard.

The music recording process can be much the same (unless you have a cat calling over the keys) but would make a less-interesting video


Anonymous said...

Would I be correct in thinking the lyric is 'California Dreaming' by The Mammas & Pappas?


Matthew Cochrane said...

Quite right "Gremlin."

By the way, apparently some of the links at the on the sidebar didn't work properly - this was a blogspot problem and it's sorted now.

Claire said...

Fred MacCaulay? Hmmmm, classy! :-)

Aleks Zglinska said...

I like the Video and plus your blogs always make me smile!