Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Down in the gutter, he was styrofoam in the heat

I must be overdue a blog post by now....

First work stuff: Return Of The Daleks now has it's own page on the Big Finish website, complete with the rather spiffy cover-artwork. The link on the right side of this will take to the page, and you can have a listen to the trailer as well. I didn't do the music by the way - that was the work of Nicholas Briggs who also wrote it (and did the Dalek voices), and has done some amazing work blending the Doctor Who strands in with his own Dalek Empire series.

Also Empire State should be completed this coming week or so, but as it takes some time to duplicate hundreds of CDs it may be December or so before it's released (which is when it is due, and the splendid Oracle Of Delphi hasn't been released yet). A wise person pointed out that it's easier to think about deadlines than release dates because the only outcome is that you might think you have a month or so more than you actually have to complete a project.

Hopefully after next weekend, I'll finally clear up the work/ sleep area.

The good thing about all this posting action (that's as in mail, not blog posting, obviously) is that I've been getting out and about a little. Last week I was amazed at how autumnal everything was looking. I love this time of year and it makes the hassle of not having shops, post offices, etc., nearby a little easier when the views are so amazing. Then later in the week came the first longer-lasting frosts (by which I mean sparkling mint-green grass after 10.30am) and those confusing days which are sunny and beautiful, but also freezing.

Unrelated to all of that, I love this news story: you know how on the backs of handy information leaflets they often list the various translations of the leaflet that are available? The Scottish Executive recently had to recall a leaflet (mis)translated into Urdu which urged people to lower themselves out of a window on to a donkey in the event of a house fire. Apparently they meant to say "cushion."

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