Friday, November 10, 2006

I get the urge for bowling when the meadow grass is turning brown

A wind sound needs topping up with some extra gusts. "No problem," I think, "I live in a windy sort of area, I can just record some." Only yesterday there was little or no wind. Today it is quite windy, but it's also raining (which is not helpful for the sound effects of a desert planet) and the nearby cows are restless.

So I shall be spending this afternoon putting several coats on the back of my work chair and recording myself walking into it on at least two separate occasions.

I spent quite a while last night going through lists of commercially available sound effects involving sand before I remembered I had a tub full of pudding rice under my bed. It was left over from "The Best Snow For Skiing" where it was playing the part of snow, and it seems to be quite versatile in that it can also handle itself as sand quite believably.

My inbox (both the real one and the e-mail ones) have been flooded with people telling me that I should be shopping for Christmas things now. tell me that I should "Treat someone special" by purchasing a Sony VAIO LA1 All-in-one media centre/ PC for the low price of only £1398.23; Boots tell me that "Only the most gorgeous gifts will do this Christmas!"; and tell me that I should book now to travel at Christmas as they have Chritstmas markets in Bath, Plymouth and Portsmouth.

If that weren't bad enough, the Christmas lights were being placed and tested in Biggar on Wednesday evening which led to me wandering about the theatre (there are a lot of trips up and down stairs for me whenever I go to the theatre these days) singing "It's the most wonderful time of the year" mere days after bonfire night. I wouldn't mind but based on recent experience we probably won't have authentic Christmas weather until around March.


Slotbun said...

Damn right I would want people to know about the falling off the stool twice thing. The second one was more painful.

Matthew Cochrane said...

But it's the second one that we used mostly.

Slotbun said...

So from that we can work out that pain sounds better.