Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I hear you're killing sheep again, Mary Jane

Empire State is done and has gone for duplication, Big Finish have put the cover on their website so it is now visible for all to see. If you want to jump straight into the world of Bernice Summerfield, you should have a look at some of the offers on the BF Christmas sale - good deals to be had on all of season 1 and 2, plus season 7 (the current one) and all the novels from this year available as a package.

Back at home and it's back up time. I normally back up as I go along as a matter of course (on to an external hard disc drive), but at the end of a project I like to copy everything on to DVD. Having completed that, I'm not doing a separate back up of all the final mixes - the Pro Tools session files (with two tracks of dialogue and sound effects, two tracks of music and all the automation) and the Waveburner mastering files. Next job is to go back through the plays for any interesting or weird effects I've created which might be useful later and start building up a sound archive which I can raid if a sound comes up again.

Then there's the question of storing all the disks and paperwork... and so I've signed up with a well known office supply store and purchased several folders, lots of polythene pockets separated into CD-sized pouches, and a new box of ultra-fine pens.

Of course, that all needs paying for so now I have to start invoicing people and having a meeting with my bank manager about a business account. Much more fun is the prospect of completely stripping out my workspace and rewiring things more sensibly. I'd started off with quite a tidy space, but I invariably find myself pulling out boxes of old CDs to find particular sounds, wiring up old equipment for a particular treatment or even raking through old boxes of toys looking for something which makes interesting beeping sounds. So... lots of clearing up to do.

Also it's time to catch up with the DVD viewing, as I don't like having DVDs around which I haven't watched yet. So...

Season 3 of The X-Files,
Season 3 of Northern Exposure,
Seasons 4 and 5 of Family Guy,
Season 2 of The Book Group,
About half of season 1 of the new Doctor Who (the one with Christopher Eccleston - I did watch it on tv at the time but now I need to pay more attention to things),
Done The Impossible - The Fan's Tale Of Firefly and Serenity.

Also I have some downloaded material to watch (Veronica Mars and Heroes) both of which I shall likely purchase on DVD when they become available here, or when I make space for a TV and multi-region DVD player. I've actually watched the first few episodes of Veronica Mars and it's been fab – I've wanted to see it after hearing great things about it in a review by Joss Whedon.

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