Friday, November 10, 2006

Wonder how you manage to make hen's meat

This sound design thing can be an odd lark.

I'd found myself a little jealous of writer friends (lots of professional writers seem to have blogs... who knew?) who get to read books or watch television/ films in the name of research. That said I spent my copious spare time at the in October wandering through a short potted history of Bernice Summefield with a few key adventures suggested by Simon Guerrier (of course every adventure featuring Benny has a special certain something).

Recently I was required to make the sound of a large explosion and found myself going through my DVD collection trying to find good examples of large explosions by way of reference. If you are interested the first things I looked at were "Return Of The Jedi" (Jabba's sail barges, the shield generator and the Death Star), "Independence Day" (the building with the people on top holding welcome cards, the white house, the alien mothership) and Raiders Of The Lost Ark (the temple collapsing at the beginning). When you listen to some of these explosive noises without seeing the pictures as well, the explosions are quite surprisingly pathetic-sounding.

For my own explosions I've been throwing everything in, not including the kitchen sink but there is a big splash in there recorded in our bathroom (which is great for that kind of high-frequency fizzle).

Recording a splash isn't the weirdest thing that's been going on lately. Here are some examples of recent little recordings:
bashing on the garage door (as mentioned before in these pages),
soaking several flannels and small towels before hanging them over a bath to make dripping sounds,
my brother falling from a bar stool (twice - he'd want you to know that),
my brother drumming repeatedly on an empty water cooler bottle (to the point where the bottle actually went flying across the room),
throwing a torch into a tub full of pudding rice without the tub falling over,
rolling a large castor over a solid box,
unzipping a pair of jeans that I wasn't wearing at the time,
breaking small twigs,
moving my hands around under the shower,
myself talking backwards.

Why not see which ones you can spot on the fine released I've worked on for Big Finish... Hmm, perhaps that was too obvious a plug. It may be to do with my lovely released copy of "Summer of Love" turning up today.

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