Monday, December 18, 2006

A Big Carnation and a Big Ol' Truck

Currently between rehearsal and performance of the Wiston Primary School Christmas show. Spent the morning editing music, and making a noise like a magic cracker. Two years ago it was a talking tree; primary schools want the oddest noises.

Someone found my blog after searching for the terms "beeping sounds to listen to when a fire comes." I don't know what they were looking for, but I think I've found the title for my first electro album.

Linksys have released a device called "iPhone" which I think will only draw interest from people who have been waiting for an Apple combined iPod and mobile phone for over a year now (January, maybe in January).

I've said it before and I may well say it again: I love that anyone can go and program a plug-in for audio software and sell really individual-sounding processors at a reasonable price. I type this as I've been trying out a plug-in called Meringue which would have been very handy to have around whilst working on Empire State (but I did achieve the desired effect in another way).

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