Saturday, December 16, 2006

Big Scream Dolls

I'd hope most of have vaguely heard of the Wilhelm scream. It's a well known thing for movie buffs and the like - back in the 1950s (or thereabouts) it was recorded as part of several screams to be used for various characters in a film. The use of that sound in particular was revived for use in Stars Wars and several other films where Lucasfilm were involved in some way.

B3ta pointed out a YouTube video which compiles several of these from various films, which I think dates from before "The Phantom Menace" was available on DVD as it looks like a pirate to me.

For more sound-design clich├ęs, see "Castle Thunder" (which I'm using at the pantomime in Biggar just now), the cry of the red-tailed hawk (which appears in every desert/wilderness scene), and also Universal's telephone ring (listen to that analogue-tape pitch wobble).

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