Sunday, December 24, 2006

Deck the halls with cows and collies.

First of all, and you may well have heard this by now, I was rather pleased to see that I've been named person of the year by Time magazine... me and everyone else who blogs, podcasts or in some way generates the content that exists on the Internet.

Yes, this has been the year that saw people realise that on the Internet there is nothing really to separate you from people who "know what they are doing." And it turns out there are a lot of people out there with an interesting point of view. Certainly in the last year the amount of time I've spent NOT watching television has grown. Anyway, if you have posted a blog, a podcast, uploaded a picture to flickr or photobucket, uploaded a video to youtube, even left a comment somewhere... well done, you are making the Internet a richer place.

Oh, yes, and that Christmas thing. As I type I'm sure Santa is making the last preparations for the trip. I'm fairly sure anyone reading this is a friend or some sort of acquaintance (except perhaps the "beeping sounds to listen to when a fire comes" person, and anyone who got here looking for stuff about Shania Twain's wooden leg) so I wish you all a happy Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. All the very best...

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