Thursday, December 07, 2006

She's plucking owls from the sky

I haven't written anything in a while. A lot of what I've been doing lately was laid out in that last blog entry. I spent a week or so mostly going through boxes of old bits and bobs, and throwing out rather a lot actually. This was all done whilst the parents were on holiday and so I was using the whole of the living room (pretty much) for piles - stuff to throw out (separated into recyclable, not recyclable and shred then recycle), books relating to music stuff, bank stuff, work with keeping (particularly the articles I'd had delivered from the British Library). It was worth taking some time to re-arrange my bookshelves properly as well; jobs like that need space to pile books whilst sorting. I didn't get quite as far as the CDs, but their day will come.

I'm taking this time to write the blog because in attempting to tidy up files on my Mac I've accidentally deleted the file that iTunes uses to keep track of the music library. The actual music is all fine, but the catalogue file iTunes uses to keep track of is being rebuilt. People who know me will know that I have rather a lot of music so I probably have enough time to write a reasonable blog entry. Also, it being iTunes 7.x it's also trying to find all the artwork for me. How helpful. Next I'll have to rebuild the playlist of whatever is to go on the iPod.

I didn't watch all the DVDs I'd planned to in the last blog - but I wouldn't have been able to had I wanted to sleep and eat meals. However, am loving Veronica Mars and now fully intend to upgrade my illegal download to a legal DVD purchase when it becomes practicable to do so. I've also found myself getting deeper into Big Finish and Doctor Who by association (which is probably the wrong way around, but I'm just contrary like that). I'd purchased "Remembrance Of The Daleks" in which Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor encounters the pepper-pots with plungers. This was the Doctor of my youth and there's some familiarity there, at times I almost find myself remembering bits. Particularly as Sophie Aldred (who played Ace) was also appearing in the CBBC programmes "Corners" and "Melvin and Maureen's Music-a-grams" which I definitely was watching at the time.

Anyway 80s TV aside, I've been reading scripts for some upcoming stories (some of which I'll be involved with and some I won't be, but it's nice to know what's going to happen), and it's been far too tempting to order several Big Finish CDs to get a fuller understanding of what's going on.

Panto next week, and I'm actually trying something rather complicated with sound effects for this one. In times past we'd have a CD player or minidisc and fire off effects from there: this time I've rigged up a computer keyboard to play a different sound from each key. The point of this was to have a background sound with incidental sounds happening on top (I'd give more details but it'd be a spoiler for the pantomime as this is for a section that isn't part of the normal story of Hansel and Gretel). Suffice to say, it ought to be interesting. These are the things technical rehearsals were made for.

I'm hopeful that the band will be able to sort themselves out so I'm not trying to balance them as well. The trouble with having my name next to "sound" on the program is that people tend to ask me to turn them down, even when there is physically (acoustically at least) no way I can turn down instruments which aren't running through the theatre PA system. As long as the audience can hear the words it should all be fine....

After Panto is the Wiston Primary Christmas show (which they use the theatre for, so they need lighting and some sound for their rehearsal and performance), the Juniors Christmas bash and an appearance by the New Rope String Band (formally the Old Rope String Band). Busy, busy....

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