Saturday, December 09, 2006

You know it’s a must; gotta have a friend in cheese sauce.

As December moves into double figures the radio stations seem to be adding sleigh bells and tubular bells to their jingles… well, not Radio 4 as they only do such things in ironic adverts for The Now Show. Last week on a quick shopping trip in Glasgow was the first time that things have felt properly Christmassy: lights everywhere, lots of people, and the usual suspects on the background music.

Background music is much on my mind lately, as I have recently taken delivery of about eight CDs of the stuff from the Big Finish Christmas sale. Also on my mind is that 2006 seems to be rapidly running out. It had been a vague intention to see Malek (now re-installed in the glorious, slightly radioactive and tornado-prone capital) and several friends who seem to be congregating in the Midlands before Christmas had kicked off. But with all the events detailed in my last blog, plus a few family things and unexpected shopping trips are likely, sp things shall be busy. Also it’s not as if my friends have nothing to do, Malek is discovering that everyone likes someone in London with space on the sofa.

As a vague experiment to see how much spam e-mail I actually receive, I’ve not been deleting it since Sunday. Yahoo had three-hundred and eighty spam messages, and a further six that made their way through the filter to my inbox. Hotmail had nine and .Mac had one. Also the day after posting a bulletin on myspace warning of a new phishing scam I received three messages as a result of someone using this scam on people in my friends list.

Meanwhile, on the myspace blog I posted a youtube video of an advert currently doing playing on television as it amused me. I include it here, citing the excuse that possibly some people in foreign parts (such as En-ger-land) might not have seen it.