Sunday, December 17, 2006

You will get a set of metal earrings, in your ear

Thanks to Yahoo "accidentally" leaking the trailer for Die Hard 4 yesterday, it is now all over YouTube (how will 20th Century Fox cope with their promotional materials accidentally being propagated all over the Internet...) it's possible to almost exclusively reveal that the new Die Hard film will have a helicopter, some cars, some explosions, and Bruce Willis. Gosh.

Next week: Pope confirmed not Protestant, and sleuths of bears defecate in forested areas.

I'm taking a bit of a risk putting stuff below the youtube video, but we'll see how it goes. Maybe if I write enough people will carry on reading. Panto finished, and I feel quite lucky to have got through it un-hurt actually (there were a lot of problems and accidents and things amongst the cast/ crew, ranging from food poisoning to being hit by a car). Next up it's a school show tomorrow, a dance show thing on Tuesday, the junior workshop's Christmas party on Wednesday, then the New Rope String band on Thursday.

Return Of The Daleks was apparently posted to subscribers (who are currently the only people who can hear it) and seems to be going down reasonably well based on forum reviews so far. It's always a good sign if no one actually mentions the sound design in reviews because it means it's not getting in the way of the acting or the script.

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