Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A crowded room, friends with tie-dyes

Happy New Year to all and sundry. The new year in these parts was passed… interestingly. Bad weather (mostly wind, and lots of it) had driven most of the Hogmanay events to cancellation, including the bonfire in Biggar, although I’m told that they did have a small bonfire in some kind of crate – such is their dedication to upholding a tradition. The plan had been to spend the early part of the evening at one party gathering, attend the lighting on the bonfire, then go to a second party to see in the actual new year. Aside from the bonfire part, this all went reasonably to plan. Returning home however, and we had no electricity.

Not having electricity isn’t a huge problem as we have a gas fire in the living room and a gas hob on the cooker in the kitchen (although that didn’t stop the rest of the house being cold and dark). However, we were supposed to be hosting a family gathering that day and waking at 10am to find there was still no electricity gave us cause to reconsider – particularly with the Grandmothers visiting. Not to mention no available oven to cook things in.

Our neighbours, meanwhile, had their own problems with a large trampoline which had become fundamentally fed up being where it and relocated itself to our other neighbour’s greenhouse. To do this it must have passed over our garden, through our garden (between the shed and the gas tank without colliding with either), or over our house. Understandably they decided to go to stay with family for the day (and because, with young children in a cold house entertainment would have been hard to come by). Luckily one of our relatives who had been planning to come to our house, offered the use of their house with all mod cons including working heating and electric lighting, so we packed all the food, drinks and nibbles into boxes and took everything there.

Despite all this, or maybe because of it, it was actually a really good new year.

Sooo… this next couple of weeks will have some travelling. First, to Birmingham later this week to catch up with as many friends as are available in a 24-hour period. Then to London for a mixture of catching up with other friends, and attending the recording of the next audio drama project.

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