Friday, January 12, 2007

It's bigger than you, and you are nutmeat

Over the New Year until around this week my family had been doing a lot to keep the makers of Lemsip in business. Capsules (or "caplets" which for some reason makes me think of Romeo and Juliet - "Where are the Mont'gues?" etc.), powders for hot drinks and cough medicine were much in evidence. I'd managed to get away without being at all ill until around the time I stepped aboard the Virgin Voyager service to Birmingham. By bedtime in Birmingham I was having one of those nights that passes slowly and consists of increasingly bizarre mental flights of fancy.

Despite the flu symptoms it was great to catch up with Karla and Aleks (Karla had just finished with her own flu, Allie mysteriously picked on up not long after I left). Returning home last Friday - which was a really fun 5 hours on trains - a lot of the intervening time has been spent not doing much. That is until the last couple of days when I felt the need to start on laser-gun sound effects for a forthcoming Big Finish project.

Speaking of Big Finish "The Empire State" (which the final episode of the current Bernice Summerfield series) was released last week. The first episode of the eighth series is due in February and my next planned project is the second episode of that eighth series. I took some time recently to look at the reaction to the three projects I've completed for BF on the Outpost Gallifrey forums which was interesting. Reaction generally seems positive, which is fine as reading elsewhere in the forums it looks like Doctor Who fans can be harsh critics. I've been lucky in that the three I've done had really good scripts and acting to work with, and this is something that doesn't look like it'll stop with the next series of Bernice (at least based on the scripts I've seen so far).

Anyway, it comes to something when even my brother (with whom I currently share a home) is telling me to update a blog somewhere. So here it is. I back to making noises, and wading through various DVD boxsets in my spare time.

In regular rotation on the music playing devices so far this month:
Kate Havnevik - Melankton,
Joanna Newsom - Ys (and I really wish I was seeing her concert in Glasgow this Sunday but tickets were sold out when I found out I wasn't going to be in London),
Brian Eno (with Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno) - Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks,
various Doctor Who-related soundtracks and things.

My parents have decided that we need a further addition to the household and so tomorrow we are going to see a man about a dog. A very new dog. There may be pictures.

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