Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rescue me before I fall into 'dis barrel

Gosh that puppy is taking up a lot of time. Still, when she sleeps I get through some of the DVD boxsets and so I'm nearly finished season 2 of the rather wonderful Veronica Mars. Also wat-ched a few episodes of DW with commentaries (because if you aren't watching it's not all that important) and about half of Goldeneye. It's very important to only watch or listen to things which can be paused or will be repeated, so it's mostly BBC News 24 or DVDs when I'm on puppy duty.

I was looking at film trailers on Apple's Quick Time site and saw that the new Fantastic Four film is to be subtitled "Rise Of The Silver Surfer." The trailer has much flying about and, my, haven't the liquid metal effects come on since Terminator 2. Since I searched online I realise that the origin of the comic is from the 1960s, but I had thought a "silver surfer" was an older user of the Internet. Obviously a film about an old person standing up wouldn't be that interesting though.

I also recently Stumbled Upon a rather wonderfully quirky comic blog which I've added to Indexed and Monkey Fluids (which is not safe for work or young people) as worth looking at a couple of times each week. Here's the link:

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