Thursday, January 18, 2007

To me you're like a Roman dictionary that I can't deny

Pretty much since returning home and running a cable from one end of the house to the other so that I might access the Internet, my Mother has harboured a distinct grudge against network cable. The vague plan always had been to find an alternative arrangement - which ended up being running the cable under the floor to my room. and running a cable through the attic to my brother's room.

The imminent arrival (this weekend) of a new small, furry addition to the household gave us another good reason to get as many cables out of chew-space as possible, and now it has been achieved: my Internets are under the floor now.

The NAMM show has begun and that's good news for music tech geeks such as myself... and I've checked all the major music news sites about three times today for updates on the new toys. I'm very taken with reports of a new version of my much loved Reason
software (I was particularly amused that one of the presents emulates "that" sound from Lost which is itself a preset on Spectrasonics' Atmosphere). There shall no doubt be more in days to come.

I was intrigued about the US condeming China for downing an old satellite with a "kinetic kill vehicle" when America themselves already have one. Clearly America are the only people in the world who can be trusted with powerful weapons.

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