Monday, January 22, 2007

A year has passed since I broke my node

Today I’m blogging from a Windows PC rather than the Apple Mac. This is because of the new addition to the household hinted at in the last entry. Polly (who isn’t named after anyone – I say this because I have a friend called Polly whom I do not wish to offend by comparisons to a puppy, even if it is a very cute puppy) is an eight week-old springer spaniel, and I’m getting to blog just now because she is asleep.

This isn’t going to turn into a puppy blog because that would be even more dull for all concerned, but the first weekend with her was certainly interesting. I’d kind of volunteered to look after her at night time because I tend to stay up a little later. So it was that at 2.10am on Sunday morning I was out in the back garden trying to encourage the dog to do her business (which Americans seem to refer to as “eliminating” which sounds a little scary) so that we could both go back in the warm. It was then about 2.45am before Polly realised it wasn’t play time and she’d have to go back to sleep, 3am when I went to bed, and 4.30am when I woke up again for no apparent reason. Last night was a little easier with a toilet break at 12.30am (which meant that I’ll have to catch Immortal Beloved on the BBC’s Listen Again feature) and she managed to get to sleep in only ten minutes.

Another challenge of the weekend has been that our gas tank managed to run completely empty. Apparently we were supposed to be topped up with gas before Christmas but “they forgot.” Actually, they ran out of gas and had made a note to come back later, then they forgot. So we had to call in an emergency top up which took a few hours to arrive. Also there is David’s hamster’s reaction to the dog. On Saturday evening he (the hamster) worried us slightly by mostly hiding and not coming out as he normally would, but he seemed to be more settled last night and was happily running in his wheel.

Today is tricky because it’s the first day the parents have been back at work, so it’s up to my brother and I to deal with Polly by ourselves. The dog certainly is picking things up quickly; on day three Polly has got to understand “Come here,” “No,” and “Sit,” and she mostly let’s us know if she wants out or fed. So there may be more on the young Polly later on, but not quite as focussed as this. It is the case that with a new puppy you end up losing a lot of the rest of your life around it for the first few days…

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Aleks Zglinska said...

she is dammned sweet... I've seen the photos... makes me want one :)