Saturday, February 17, 2007

Active bunny, but I don't know why.

Many family things happening this week, and things have been a little sombre at times. With various other things to sort out and keep track of, work has been a little slower than it should have but I can catch up. With the Gallifrey convention taking place over this weekend a lot of the Doctor Who world seems to have taken a temporary pause.

The antithesis of the low points has been: (a) taking the puppy out for her first walks in the woods (photos to follow, probably), and (b) discovering a mad series of animations by Aardman Animations on YouTube called Purple And Brown.

I'm not sure what they are smoking in Bristol but... well, have a look. Having said that, these are the same minds to come up with "Pib and Pog" and the BBC3 Idents.

Tomorrow will be partly rehearsal with the Junior Theatre Workshop, then a recorded rehearsal with the adults who are working on "The Rivals." So, a day mostly spent in the theatre...

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