Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy as a rafter in the marketplace

I've been lax with the blog in the last week but the truth is I've been rather busy on some new lovely things for Big Finish, and some more lovely things yet to come (and yet to be finalised so I shall say no more here until they are).

I was in London for the first few days of February partly to see some friends in that area, and also to do with work. Both went well, although I could have spent more time with any of the people I met quite happily (having to rush off for other things ended up being a bit of a theme). Getting back was problematic simply because delays meant that I missed a connection but these things happen.

I also returned with notes for work, involved a musical reference to the film 'Seven Samurai.' I'd not seen this film, so I moved it to the top of my list at LoveFilm. I can only assume that it wasn't available because instead I've been sent 'Miss Congeniality' which is slightly different in terms of themes. Probably different in terms of music as well. I hasten to add here that 'Miss Congeniality' was likely added to my DVD rental list a while ago after a recommendation from a female friend, because 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' and 'Bring It On' were actually not bad. So I shall watch this film at some point in my Copious Amounts of Spare Time (I think that phrase may be owned by David Bishop but I'm not sure – I still capitalise "Good Thing" after '1066 And All That').

Work is noticeably slower with the puppy and some other family things to contend with, but I'm getting there. This weekend I shall be recording rehearsal material for Biggar Theatre Workshop again and trying to get the editing for those CDs done as soon as possible afterwards.

A quick side note: my friend Aleks is taking part in a Race For Life in aid of Cancer Research UK. She has set the of £100, which I'm sure she ought to be able to reach. If you are of a mind to sponsor her as well, I'm sure every little would help (all major cards accepted, secure payment, etc.).

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Anonymous said...

This is Obladi, Oblada by The Beatles, although the Number ! hit was for a Scottish band, originally known as Dean Ford and the Gaylords. They are probably better known as Marmalade