Saturday, March 17, 2007

A little bit of sand, there in the sun

A quiet-ish week of tweaking bits of sound design and starting on some music, then I received my first set of notes. Have decided the only way to get an authentic radio sound is to get hold of a cheap, short-range FM transmitter (the kind used for MP3 players in cars with no tape slot) and to play things through it when almost out of range.

Also needed a slap noise and so used my arm which was more sore than I'd expected.

Dress and tech rehearsal of "Pied Piper" tomorrow. In the last couple of weeks we added some sound effects to the musical; a rock, a knock, a clock and a lot of rats (which, as it turns out, don't make much noise so I used speeded-up chickens. (I mean a speeded-up recording of chickens, I wasn't hurrying poultry)).

Borrowed from my blog over on myspace:
Soooo... our Eurovision entry have the schtick of being dressed like flight attendants. That makes me think of two things:

1. Based on the this year and last year (when we had Daz with a bunch of schoolgirls), if next year a group turn up dressed as French maids or sexy nurses then they are likely to win.

2. Did anyone else watch "The High Life"? It featured flight attendants. They made an attempt at a song for a European song competition.

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