Monday, April 02, 2007

He lives on my block, he drives and I rock

I once saw a print-out on the wall of a recording studio which said "Everything should be more something." Apparently these were the words of film director Philip Noyce uttered during a film score project that was being completed at the studio. I'd been considering putting up the same words in my working environment, alongside the little postcard of circular pictures I bought at an Imogen Heap concert.

Yes, the last week has been somewhat busy. Last Saturday the clocks went forward one hour and my body-clock still hasn't quite caught up. The final version of "The Judas Gift" was posted on Thursday afternoon, and whilst I'm sure everything could be more something I'm happy with how it turned out. It should be available during April, and there will be a trailer on the Big Finish web-site when it is next updated.

With a gap between projects now, my thoughts turn back to whether I want to try unplugging everything, moving all the furniture around, and putting things back in a different configuration. Part of me is reluctant to change things because, inelegant as it is, I get work done this way; but whenever I've had cause to take the computer and hard disc drives elsewhere I realise how compact and need it can be, so perhaps a rethink is required. The computer drives also need clearing up; with all the commercial projects now backed up at least twice on DVDs and hard disks it may well be time to copy out the specially-recorded sounds that may be used again and delete most of the other stuff. Despite the finished product being around 70 minutes long, I've found that most of the one-disc audio dramas I've worked on so far generate between 10-15GB of data. A lot of that is sheer uncompressed audio, works in progress and CD image files for reference copies.

As to the April Fools stuff I have to admit to being slightly taken in by Moog's fake-new box, simply because I could have had a use for it. It's an effects pedal with an integrated radio tuner which basically plays whatever it pickups up on top of the sound you are processing. That made sense to me having done a lot of radio treatments, although it sounded awful with the guitar being played in the demo online. It's around this point that I realised it wasn't real. Amusingly Harmony Central instantly plugged it, I'm not sure if they were complicit or if they just copy and paste the contents of press releases.

I also liked the web site which claimed to have added an IQ test and all you had to do to was to "Press CONTROL-W (command-w on Macs) to find out how smart you are." If you want to test that yourself you'll likely find that most Internet browsers have this feature as standard.

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