Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rags, Mary wore rags

Equipment re-jigging done – at least for now – it's now time to de-clutter the rest of the workspace, mostly of music magazines and Viking catalogues. New DW magazine and The Word magazine too, which is nice. And cables. When I first started doing this audio tech stuff it was unbalanced audio cable everywhere, then it was audio and MIDI, and now it is audio (analogue, coaxial digital and optical digital), MIDI, USB, Firewire and lots of power cables. As yet no serial cables, SCSI or SATA though.

I have been catching up with missed television (Skins, The Riches and Ugly Betty which isn't all that amazing but I want to find out what happens). I've decided not to bother trying to catch up with Life On Mars but will just wait until my younger brother buys the DVDs and borrow them at some point. Also watched a few long programmes split into 10-minute sections on YouTube - one of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends and a South Bank Show from 1982 featuring Peter Gabriel recording his 4th album.

The Judas Gift should be ready for the masses very soon and the trailer is now on the BF web site for your aural pleasure. Next job Bernice job will be The End Of The World, and probably a special ops (that means I can't talk about it just yet) project around July. Oh, and tax needs sorting. I think I need to arrange some meetings, first with the tax office and then with some people who might do my accounts for me. Then possibly go to see friends in order to create the illusion of a social life.

Meanwhile in America the story broke that Credit Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally had prevented President George W. Bush from plugging an electrical outlet into the hydrogen tank of a hybrid motor vehicle during a demonstration at the White House last week. For those who don't know, sparks in a hydrogen tank are a Bad Idea.

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