Thursday, May 31, 2007

Captain Picard's on the New Jersey Turnpike

Wales was fun, although we were clearly the youngest guests at the hotel by a good 25-35 years. Train travel there and back was also interesting, on the way there the departure of the train was delayed due to lack of driver and train managed who had been held up due to a "fatal incident involving a cow." On the way back I was reminded why MP3 players are good; pausing to eat (I can't eat with ear buds in, it's just weird) I overheard some southern students at a nearby table reasoning that we must be in Scotland by now "Look, it's Carlisle. That's got to be in Scotland. I mean, Robert Carlyle is Scottish..." It's just as well we weren't on the motorway or tourist signs for "Carlyle's Birthplace" would have confused them no end.

Back from Wales and there's catching up to be done. First of all, I had missed Doctor Who at the weekend. I do plan to watch the repeat, but found it online because many people have been talking about how good it was. I hope all the people who talked about not watching this two-parter simply because it was an adaptation from one of the New Adventures novels feel suitably ashamed of themselves. Also caught up on Have I Got News For You, then The News Quiz and The Unbelievable Truth from BBC's Listen Again.

Lots of Benny stuff flying about through the post just now, some arriving and some on the way for feedback from various people. The next couple of weeks I aim to get most of the sound design done and try to get the music started. This adventure offers an angle to try out some new things, which ought to be interesting.

I ran my monthly checks on the computer this week before getting back to working with it and upgraded to Mac OS 10.4.9, as well as the updates for iTunes. What has happened this week with the iTunes Music Store is rather cunning. Last week EMI announced they were in talks with private equity firm Terra Firma about selling the company, probably to encourage people who aren't BMG or Warner to put in bids. This week EMI's earlier plans to be the first label to offer content on the iTunes Music Store at a higher than normal quality and with no DRM restrictions came to fruition. With iTunes offering an upgrade for users who have already purchase EMI music (for a cost of about £0.20 per song), EMI are going to see a huge surge in "sales" of back catalogue just as they are trying to look good.

Now "Big Brother" has started again we'll never hear the end of that for the next 14 weeks or so... To re-iterate my earlier theories on how to improve this reality crapcast:

1. Put the contestants in the house. Leave them there. I just felt us get 14 idiots lighter.
2. Put the contestants in the house, don't broadcast anything from any of the cameras. They vote each other out each week to the sound of no crowds whatsoever, no interview, no press, just a taxi home.

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