Thursday, May 31, 2007

I want a duck shaped like a triangle

I ended up doing some stuff at the PC today so I had two blog entries in progress. Do read the other one I wrote, it's below this one.

Last.FM have been bought by CBS for $280 million and are going to stay the same but with more money. Within minutes I receive an e-mail from a friend telling me that we must come up with an idea this good so that we can be 20-something millionaires. TeachMac was sold last week for $2 million which would have almost been enough, as I could settle for merely being a millionaire in America. The only thing is I can't programme for anything more modern than Comal (except for a passing knowledge of C++ as it related to making noises), so until that or Spectrum BASIC becomes the next big thing in Web 2.0 we may have to hire someone else to be code monkey.

Anyway, according to the Last.FM Mainstream-O-Meter my musical tastes are 19.10% mainstream. So there. Actually, that seems about right to me even though it's only based on my top 30 most-played artists.

Reading the site statistics for this blog, I'm still getting hits from people wanting to know about the wooden leg of a well-known American pop/country singer. Also had someone visit after entering "go Japanese grandmother baaba" into Google, and another looking for a Glasgow band called "casei immunitas." I stand by my earlier idea that if I want more hits what I need to do is post more often and include pictures of explosions.

At some point I should really get around to blogging about this.

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