Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tattoo detective, it's not too late.

No blog for a while partly because I haven't really been doing all that much worthy of blogging. I generally start writing blogs in TextEdit and I've started a few and then decided they weren't really worth it.

With "The Judas Gift" getting some good reviews on the forum at Outpost Gallifrey and the Yahoo group "Down Among The Dead Men," it's time to look not that far ahead to the Next One. I'm still of the opinion that anything I've worked on for Big Finish that turned out well was more to do with some darned good stories than anything I did. Certainly this series of Benny in particular seems to have a rather excellent combination of ripping yarns and "oh, so that's what was going on..." moments. Best of all, us behind-the-scenes people get to find out what is happening next before it's recorded.

Pre-production. From my point of view the idea is that with a script in place nice and early, I can be working on anything that might be a problem before the deadline begins to loom large. Also I can ask questions about how people want to do things, rather than doing them and then changing them. That's what I've been doing lately, but technically anything from here on in is post-production because they are recording as I type this.

So, work starts later next week on that but also I'm going to catch up with friends in London next weekend and planning to go to North Wales for a weekend at the end of the month.

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