Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Looking for some pasta, baby, this evening

(I wrote this on Sunday evening. Tonight we had some power cuts and my hard discs weren't enjoying that so I finished it off on laptop alone running from batteries.)

Stuff about red-haired people in the press a bit this week. There's always been some vague undercurrent of people claiming they had experienced racist behaviour because of their red hair, or even just bullying at school. To be honest young children will find something to pick on other children about and hair colour will do if they aren't unusually short/tall/thin/fat. If those children are still being made fun of ostensibly because of their hair colour when they are about 15, I'd probably be inclined to suggest that it's because they aren't very nice people who happen to have red hair. Just an observation...

More Benny stuff coming my way this week, which will start off providing raw material for trailers. Had a slight problem the other day where I found that one of the elements that make up my background sounds had a click on it. This element appears in several scenes so I had to go through all of them and remove the click. It's not even audible when someone is talking but it would annoy me. It's these silly little things that take up all the time. Today I got to hit things together, tomorrow I'm doing some vocalisations that will be combined with some animal noises, processed and create sounds for some horrible creatures small and large.

Scary Duck's condensed films are fab. I particularly liked Star Wars, example:
"Darth Vader: Hello. I am Darth Vader and I am excellent. However, despite being a Sith Lord, Knower of All Things and the http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifGreen Cross Man, I have completely failed to recognise my own daughter

Princess Leia: You'll never take me alive! Oh. You have."

Several of my friends have either just done Race For Life or are about to do a similarly charitable activity. I'm sure any or all would be happy if I could send some donator-folks their way.

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Anonymous said...

I used to get bullied for having small ears. Ha. They don't seem to have hindered me so far..