Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rock me, hot potatoes

No blogs lately as I've been busy, and yet it's just the same kind of thing as usual and not that worth blogging about. It's that awkward stage where if I tell you the reasons for some of the things I've been doing involving a microphone, pasta, various soft fruit, and wet kitchen-roll tubes I would be giving away fairly major spoilers.

As it has been revealed elsewhere, I can safely say that "The End of the World" centres around the character Jason Kane because Bernice Summerfield is elsewhere. This also involves a new theme tune for this particular episode, and there may well be a lot more about that later on.

Sitemeter tells me that traffic on the blog is still fairly constant despite my lack of posting. One person came looking for information on "the use of the door bell as a sound effect in An Inspector Calls." If this is an essay question, it's one of the most specific I've ever heard. I'm not sure if I went into detail about how we did the door bell for the Biggar Theatre Workshop version of "An Inspector Calls,"at the time. If people are that interested I'm happy to reveal our high tech methods: I recorded a hand-bell being rung, a small one, and played it back at the right times. For the telephone we wired up a bell backstage, It was wired up to a button in the lighting/sound gallery which we could press and the bell would ring. If we'd had more time and a greater variety of bells we would probably have done the same for the door bell, but it had to sound like a pull-on-a-rope job.

My old boss is touring just now and I hear it's rather good show they are doing, with completely different set list from the last few tours apart from "Solsbury Hill," "Sledgehammer" and "In Your Eyes". The bloke who was my boss on a day-to-day level (Richard Chappell) is keeping a tour diary on PG's web site with lots of background info and pictures, so if you are interested in that stuff do have a look. Yes, I could have gone to a gig, but I'm too busy just now.

So it was that rather than spending Saturday getting rained on in Hyde Park, I was cutting the grass at my Gran's house and then collecting sound effects at the nearby Rouken Glen park. I needed some new sounds for background of the Braxiatel Collection, but I didn't get them because it was generally too windy. I got some great recordings of a large waterfall, but it sounds quite like a white noise generator really. I also recorded some teenagers doing their thing at a skate park, which I don't think I need right now but it's easier to have it now than need it later.

Whilst at the park I had a rather bizarre moment involving a three-wheeled baby buggy. I had stopped to put my recording stuff back in my bag, and a family who had been walking towards me with a buggy had stopped. The buggy however (with no child in it) kept moving, The walkway was flat, it wasn't windy enough to move a buggy and yet it was rolling towards me. I walked onwards a bit and saw that a toddler was pushing the buggy, who was too short to be visible over the buggy from the front.

Anyway, still lots to do. Some sound effects need a bit more meat on them (metaphorically), and I want to try re-working some external scenes to make it clearly what is going on.


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My name is not Matthew Cochrane!

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Anonymous said...

Hi i really need help In inspector calls y is the use of the doorbell sound effect important does it in anyway create a dramatic device if so how? help plz!!!